Principles of Creativism

Development of creativity is the basis of all sequential progression of life in the world. Happiness is the natural desire of all human beings and s/he wants to derive happiness, immediate or in future, from all activities. Creativity is the ultimate source of happiness.

Creativism strives for creation of a Learning Society, where all individuals and institutions are devoted to learning and teaching. Every place is a place of learning. Throughout life, every moment is a Learning Moment. 

All living beings are supplementary and complementary to each other. They have equal right to live. Entire world is one. This world society becomes a society free from all kinds of discriminations. We should do with others, as we want others to do with us.

In society, there would be no discrimination on colour, sex, caste, religion, language or food habits. All creative tendencies are duly recognised and honoured. Dignity of labour holds the key to equality. Such dignity forms the base of evolution of a Creative Society.

Creativism envisions development of a society, which facilitates development of total creative potential of all human-beings. All familial, social, economic and political processes should be devoted to total development of this creative potential.  All persons may become capable to think independently and creatively.

Earth is a common heritage. Each individual has the responsibility to leave it in better way than s/he received it. Natural resources would be used for betterment of life so as not to disturb the nature’s equilibrium. Human-beings are a part of nature and not their controller. This should be the guiding principle in all human conducts.

Social and economic life would be conducted not on competition but on co-operation. Every living-being is independent. Every human-being is sovereign. A democratic way of living based on this consideration can ensure real and sustainable growth of the world. Social, economic and political justice would be guiding factors for all human relations.