School of Creative Learning

A 10+2 school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), offering quality education based on an innovative curricula of 'Creative Learning' developed by APCL to children, mostly from underprivleged and excluded communities


In order to develop and demonstrate the efficacy of creative learning methods and new teaching methodology and to make an active and effective intervention in the education system, a school in the name of School of Creative Learning was established at Patna (India) in 1997. This school was started on the basis of discussions among persons interested in the field of education regarding the current school system, where it was felt that creative learning must be made part and parcel of school education. It would be a model school for action research in the field of creative education.

The School of Creative Learning is a 10+2 school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It transacts CBSE curricula with creative learning methodology.


  • To provide quality education up to Class XIIth to children, mostly belonging to excluded communities and families that are Below Poverty Line
  • To test and implement innovative methodologies of learning at the grassroots level
  • To broach new ideas through the implementation of ideas developed under Creative Learning
  • To develop managerial and other competencies by involving students in various activities within the school premises
  • To emphasise on developing democratic and civic sense along with moral values among students

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