Creative Learning

Universalisation of Quality Education | Evolution of a Learning Society Based on the Principles of Creativism | Development of Full Creative Potential of all Human Beings


A Star has been working.. shining on earth for some years now, Dr Mridula. Today, I got the gift of see her work. I see a great future for the world. Thank you, Baba for bringing me here.

Ann of Bo Sweden April 13, 2015

School of Creative Learning

The flagship project of APCL, School of Creative Learning is an innovative low-cost school primarily catering to underprivileged children from excluded communities, located in the outskirts of Patna amidst rural surroundings, in operation since 1997. Affiliated to CBSE upto Class XII, the school offers an innovative curriculum based on “Creative Learning” - an activity based teaching-learning methodology that involves the development of core creative competencies i.e. Thinking, Imagination, Memory, Concentration, Power of Observation, Power of Communication and Emotional Control.


Ritu Sinha Knowledge Centre for Creative Learning

With a view to promote creativity and creative learning in society, Ritu Sinha Knowledge Centre For Creative Learning (RSKCCL) has been established at the School of Creative Learning with support from Ritu Sinha Charitable Foundation as a resource centre for collection, storage, processing and dissemination of information pertaining to creative skills of different communities and also of different age-groups.


Kanka Gajendra Centre for Inclusive Learning

Kanka Gajendra Centre for Inclusive Learning is a recent project by APCL in collaboration with the Kanka Gajendra Foundation, which focuses on the identification of learning difficulties and development of educational tools and learning materials to aid children according to their learning styles. The centre is currently researching on learning disorders such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and ADHD, among others. It is envisaged to become a leading research and resource centre for inclusive learning in the country.


Chandra Institute for Creative Empowerment of Women

Chandra Institute for Creative Empowerment of Women or CICEW is an institute established for creative empowerment of women by a group of dedicated people who have been committed to promote creativity and creative learning in society. As recognition of creativity is the best means for empowerment, CICEW would use the creative abilities of women for their social and economic empowerment. As such, CICEW works on using the creative skills of women for their creative empowerment.