Chandra Institute of Creative Empowerment of Women


The Chandra Institute of Creative Empowerment of Women (CICEW) was established in 2007 as a registered trust in the loving memory of Smt Chandra Das. Shri Bhagirath Lal Das, Smt Supriti Das, Shri Abhijit Das and Smt Shipra Das have dedicated a land parcel encompassing 7,159 sq ft along Gola Road in Patna to set up a campus for the Chandra Institute for Creative Empowerment of Women (CICEW) centre.


The Context

Chandra Institute for Creative Empowerment of Women or CICEW is an institute established for creative empowerment of women.  It has been set up by a group of dedicated people who have been committed to promote creativity and creative learning in society. The group was concerned by the fact that despite legal and constitutional provisions the condition of women is still precarious. Most of the women folk is still illiterate. About two third of total illiterate in the world are women. The drop-out rate from school among girls is highest. Although women have about two third’s share in total working hours on the Globe, it has only one tenth share in the total income. Women also has less than one per cent share in the total property of the globe. The women have to suffer discrimination both inside and outside family. In India about one tenth families are female headed.     

As recognition of creativity is the best means for empowerment, CICEW would use the creative abilities of women for their social and economic empowerment. Madhubani Paintings are one of the finest expressions of women’s creativity. As such, CICEW works on using the creative skills of women for their creative empowerment.

It is registered under Indian Trust Act as a not for profit Trust. It has got its own campus at Gola Road.


  • To set up facilities for the conservation and related training in folk art and craft including Mithila Paintings
  • To propagate folk art and support artists from underprivileged communities and rural areas, particularly women folk
  • To develop a product design centre and workshop for artists to develop artworks
  • To develop the infrastructure for the production of handmade paper
  • To organise a marketing and sales framework for the products developed at the centre and associated production units