In the loving memory of...

Shri Bhubaneshwar Lal Das (1932-1996)

Shri Bhubaneshwar Lal Das was born on 4th July, 1932 in Bishath in Darbhanga, North Bihar. He was raised by his maternal grandfather Shri Bala Kanth and mother Smt Lalita Devi after his father Shri Brijwanshi Das, a noted litterateur passed away, when he was 13 years old. Raised in extremely humble beginnings, he showed academic brilliance from an early age and went on to pursue B.A. Hons in Economics from Patna University. After graduation, he joined Bihar Administrative Service in 1956 and held several important assignments in the Govt of Bihar. For nine years, he held the post of Judicial Officer under Patna High Court.

He is known for his innovative contributions during his administrative career spanning 34 years. Notable among them include the establishment of Desertion Cell to deal with domestic violence and desertion of women, which laid the foundation of later reforms in the field of domestic violence and the family court system in the country, work during the Bhudan movement in Giridih and Madhubani districts and management of refugee relief camps during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. As a social reformer, he contributed immensely to the eradication of money lending and rituals such as animal sacrifices and other superstitious beliefs in rural Mithila.

In his memory and dedicated to his spirit of creativity, the seed money for establishing Association for Promotion of Creative Learning was contributed by the Bhuvan Memorial Trust in 1997.

Smt Chandra Das (1941-1999)

Smt Chandra Das was born on 25th September 1941, on Vijayadashmi day. Her entire life was devoted to caring for her family, including numerous relatives of the extended family. Despite coming from a rural background, she effectively discharged various responsibilities which the wife of an IAS officer is often called upon to assume. Her role as a hostess in international diplomatic circles in Geneva was particularly praiseworthy. She showed tremendous adaptability in simultaneously fulfilling expectations in vastly diverse situations ranging from rural life in North Bihar to diplomatic life in Geneva.

While battling with cancer for five years, she retained her cheerful and non-complaining nature, which was a source of strength and encouragement to those who came in contact with her. She passed away on 23 April 1999. Her simple and selfless nature remains a source of great inspiration to all of us.

In her loving memory, Shri Bhagirath Lal Das, Smt Supriti Das, Shri Abhijit Das and Smt Shipra Das have dedicated a land parcel encompassing 7,159 sq ft along Gola Road in Patna to set up a campus for Chandra Institute for Creative Empowerment of Women (CICEW).

Ritu Sinha, J.D. (1966-2000)

Ritu Sinha was born on 22 Feb, 1966 in Patna. But later she grew up in USA and got the degree of BA from Columbia University in 1988. She did her Attorney of Law from Boston University in 1992. Thereafter, she was practicing in US courts as J.D. till cruel hands of destiny took her away from us in 2000.

She was a voracious reader. She had great passion for nature and adventure. She used to devote her vacations in the mountains of India and Europe. She loved mountaineering in Himalayas. She was so fond of India that in every vacation she would come to India. She was a great champion of women rights and as a social activist fought from them in US courts.

In her memory, Ritu Sinha Charitable Trust Inc, USA has constructed a spacious three storey building having floor area of more than 11,000 sq ft for Ritu Sinha Knowledge Centre for Creative Learning to support the activities of School of Creative Leanring.

Dr Kanka Mallick

Dr Kanka Mallick and Professor Gajendra Verma were married for over thirty five years prior to Kanka's untimely death from lymphoma cancer in December 2007. Their love for each other has been associated with a rich pathway of personal learning and demonstrated value in the world. When Kanka passed from this world Gajendra wished to celebrate all they stand for in creating the Kanka-Gajendra Foundation. 'Giving Back' has taken many forms, through their role as leading authorities in Education but also in touching the lives of people at all levels with kindness and positive help to enable survival. Their interests have extended to supporting physically disadvantaged groups, cancer research and promoting inter-cultural harmony and exchange.

During their many years of service in academic careers in the United Kingdom, Kanka Mallick and Gajendra Verma became internationally respected educationalists and developed a network of friends, colleagues and associates from around the world covering men and women from many continents, faiths, cultures and ethnicities.

In the memory of Dr Kanka Mallick, the Kanka-Gajendra Foundation has supported the construction of the Kanka Gajendra Centre for Inclusive Learning within the campus of the School of Creative Learning in Patna.