Catch ’em young – School of Creative Learning featured in Sunday Times

Catch ‘em young… & make them learn with fun

School of Creative Learning covered in Sunday Times 21st Sep 1997

‘Be Creative or Perish’. This is the motto of the ‘School of Creative Learning’ situated at Shastrinagar (Patna). The purpose is not only to increase the learning skills of the children, but to also sow the seeds of creativity at an early stage. The idea is derived from the Japanese style of teaching by its principal, Dr Mridula Prakash, who along with her husband, Shri Vijoy Prakash, an IAS and an alumnus of Netarhat School, is trying to make the learning/creative process a success.

Besides stress on creativity, emphasis is laid on increasing the general mental abilities of the children through thinking, memory enhancement, imagination, increasing concentration and the creative skills. The evaluation model is to test the competence of the children in listening, speaking, reading, writing, understanding, vocabulary control and project work.

The sub-competencies to be evaluated are in reasoning, questioning, answering, listening with understanding, understanding conversations and dialogues, understanding oral requests and commands, puzzles and riddles.

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