Creative Learning Class

A World Vision supported Project


  • To enhance the interest of the children towards classes more activity based on learning with songs, poems and stories
  • To build confidence among the children
  • To develop creativity in the children


Photographic Profile

We made photographic profile of 59 children of both the centers. We used still camera for making the profiles. These activities helped in developing rapport with children. And it is also helped in the confidence building of the children.

Introduction Game

We also played the game of introduction with the children. In the game the children tells his/her name, mother’s name and father’s name and what he/she like. The game was enjoyed by children and they cheered and clapped for each other.   

Furthermore, to built confidence we had different activities with children. Like giving them chance to write on board, recognizing their activities and capturing them of camera and showing photograph to them.


Clapping and clicking photo: During the class we gave opportunity to children to come forward and express themselves. We appreciated work of children on each and every activity, by clapping. We also clicked their images and showed them. This helped in boosting their confidence and enhancing their self esteem.

Exercises to Develop Concentration

To develop concentration and memory we performed different games with children. Further we also had activities for developing and enhancing imagination through role play and drawings. In the below given picture a student is performing Janak Yog.

During the period we also organized different games/activities on proper hygiene, environment, enhancing vocabulary, learning numbers, storytelling and visualization.

Painting your Environment

In this activity we told children to draw the picture of their environment. The children were very confused about drawing. Then the facilitator explained how they can draw and what to dray then they started drawing. They made drawing of factory, road, truck, under construction water tank. It was a good learning experience for us to see children with such deep observation and drawing it on the paper.   

Imagination Exercises

We performed pakshi yog with children. In this activity we told children to think that they are trees and they are flying above Patna. After the exercise we asked them to share the experience and what they saw. Because it was first time, many children were not able to speak up and they were just copying the others point.  Gradually, they would be able to speak out their own experiences.  

Stories Telling

We had given space to children to express their feelings and share any past events. They had to come forward and share the stories with their friends. They were very hesitant in doing that and they told that they don’t have anything to share. There is need to work on that.    

Counting Trees and Knowing Environment

We played game of counting trees with children; first we had got total 55 names of trees. When we had repeated the same exercise after 4 days we got 68 names of trees. This exercise helped in boosting the memory and more informed about the trees and environment.      

What to Eat and What Not to Eat

We played different games on what to eat and what not to eat. It was a physical activity in which children learnt about what edible items are and which are not. 


For making children vocal and more open to speak we asked them to shout and provided space to children to shout. For this we had played ‘swar geet’. We also used a set of connected statements for this. It helped in boosting memory because every time they shout, they had to remember the next line. It was a good group activity. It helped in making children vocal, develop attitude and increase confidence. For all these activities we used the materials of Developing Mind Series book published by Creative Learning Foundation.       

Creative Learning through Drawings

For understanding the level of children in drawing, we gave them opportunity to draw whatever they like. First they lack in ideas. They were just blank to draw. Then the facilitator started describing the items they can draw, and then they started drawing. We also had drawing exercise on drawing fruits. First the facilitator draws the fruits on the board and then children made drawing of fruits.     

Number Picture Exercise

This is an exercise of imagination in which children make drawing after imagination.

Demonstrating Physical Activities

We gave space for activities children like yoga, gymnastic, PT and other. They were happy to demonstrate their physical abilities and when we had stated clicking their photos they got energetic and told they will also some more types of activities.