Knowledge Based Activism

APCL believes in knowledge based activism. It has found that the knowledge pool of society is heavily dominated by the contributions from the mainstream population. The contribution of excluded community to the knowledge domain is seldom recognised. This is one of the major discrimination which is the cause of their backwardness.  APCL works for collection, collation and adaptation of such knowledge in the mainstream pool of knowledge. It has also realised that unless we make appropriate pedagogic changes in the learning system from the perspective of excluded communities, the right to education will remain a far cry.  Keeping this in view APCL has developed a model of creativity based learning. It has worked in the field of material development based on multiple intelligence. As children of excluded communities have better natural, inter-personnel, kinaesthetic and rhythmic intelligence, it also develops special teaching learning materials to suit their needs. It also works for development of model for laboratories for language, mathematics, social science and science teaching based on learning through nature. It also works for development of tools and methods for development of mental abilities such as concentration, memory, imagination, thinking and emotional management. All these materials are generally low cost or no cost items and have been designed keeping in view the special requirements of excluded communities. These tools would enable children of excluded community to participate in learning process in a more effective way. Thus it would help in realisation of their educational rights.