What Others Say?

Imagine a school where all children have to do to is to play games, put up plays, and make field trips to botanical gardens and museums! Sounds too good to be true? Mridula Prakash's Creative School of Learning with its alternate method of teaching is making this dream come true for children.

Aradhana Sinha Women Mantra (June 15, 2000) India April 19, 2015

I have no desire to leave the campus. Can you (the Principal) admit me to your school? I would like to start relearning all my maths. I am zealous of the excellent work done by you all. HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS.

BK Sinha Ex-Principal, Netarhat Residential School, Netarhat Jharkhand April 19, 2015

I can simply say that the school is something different.

Shamshad Hussain Vice Chancellor, Nalanda Open University and noted Psychologist Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

A Star has been working.. shining on earth for some years now, Dr Mridula. Today, I got the gift of see her work. I see a great future for the world. Thank you, Baba for bringing me here.

Ann of Bo Sweden April 13, 2015

Unique and innovative experiment towards all round development of a child especially by creating an environment for bringing forth the latent and hidden talents of children.

SK Negi, IAS Secretary, Department of Secondary, Primary & Adult Education, Govt of Bihar Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

Wonderful and constructive experiment on education. It may be the lifeline of such system.

Dr Shardendu (NOBA 1969 - 1976) Botany Deptt, BN College, Patna University Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

A very innovative experiment in the crowd of schools.

Hindusthan (January 7th, 1999) Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

An innovative concept indeed. The future of possibilities is indeed in the warm and exploring hands of our children.

SN Sinha, IAS (Retd) & noted Poet April 19, 2015

"Entertaining education" is successful education of life. Education and learning should not be a burden, but something that can be grasped easily. "Creative Learning" is successful, if children learn and grow while playing and enjoying.

Jaiprakash Narayan Yadav Minister of Education, Government of Bihar Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

School of Creative Learning' is full of potential for giving a new direction to teaching/learning situation in India. The Principal and all others associated with this school are doing admirable work and are putting in great vigor, imagination and efforts. They need support of all enlightened people. I wish them all the best.

BN Choudhary Ex Teacher, Netarhat School & Education Officer (Retired) Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi New Delhi, India April 19, 2015

Thank you for exposing me to a wonderful world of creativity, thinking, concentration etc. being taught to children. Hope such methods become available to more and more children all over the world.

Nand Kumar, IAS Assistant Programme Officer, UNICEF Mumbai, India April 19, 2015

I visited the school and saw the children's creativity in generating ideas in use of waste materials. Their creativity was wonderful. A wonderful educational enterprise! Congratulations.

Dr Amarendra Narayan Department of Physics, Patna University Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

This school is making a very good attempt to teach children something very useful for there life using a non traditional technique. I desire that this attempt should reach all the schools.

Madan Mohan Jha (NOBA 1958 - 1964) Joint Secretary, Dept of Education, Govt of India New Delhi, India April 19, 2015

Really impressive. The activities designed by the Principal, teachers, and organizers will go a long way for the development of the child. The school is doing something that one has not done (paid much attention) so far. I wish every success in their endeavors.

KN Vasudevan Ex Principal, Netarhat Residential School Netarhat, Jharkhand, India April 19, 2015

I visited Creative School of Learning first time in Danapur Patna, India. I am favorably impressed by the works done at this school. This school has potential to develop as a university, an institute of higher learning.

Dr Jai N Singh Professor of Mathematics & Assistant Chairman Deptt of Mathematics and Computer Science, Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida, USA April 13, 2015

Our children carry enormous capacity for creativity. This we can only develop through this kind of education system. This experiment and endeavor on creative learning needs to be appreciated.

Dr Ramchandra Purbey Minister of Education, Government of Bihar Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015


Shailesh Kumar Singh (NOBA 1977 - 1982), IAS District Commissioner, East Singhbhum Jharkhand, India April 19, 2015

River Ganges of knowledge is flowing here. Excellent attempt to provide burden-less and enjoyable education to small children, while keeping them close to nature. Eye-opener for parents also! Thanks to everyone.

Krishna Mohan Prasad (NOBA 1972 - 1979) IRS, Joint Income Tax Commissioner, Mumbai Mumbai, India April 19, 2015

Very impressed with the innovative and new techniques for encouraging creativity amongst young children. Also the emphasis on detecting any disability at a young age and addressing it. Moreover, the school recognises that different children will have different talents and interests and how important is to recognise this and develop the child's faculties accordingly. Overall, it was a great learning experience and we could use this experience in developing and implementing our schemes. I congratulate the organisers and the faculty and staff.

Rajit Punhani, IAS Secretary, Social Welfare, Government of Bihar Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

Very impressive, holds promise for many for a creative future.

Pratyush Sinha, (NOBA 1956 - 1962), IAS Additional Secretary, Deptt of Agriculture, Govt of India New Delhi, India April 19, 2015

I would never have imagined that such a beautiful and magical school existed in the world. Thank you so much for receiving us. I hope I will be able to come again, soon!

All the best, much love and regard.

Steina Mag Iceland April 13, 2015

Indeed, a very innovative school. I saw such an approach for the first time. Many things to learn, even for teacher and people interested in education. Wish such innovative approaches are copied/developed at many more places.

AK Singh Director, Deptt of Education, Govt of India New Delhi, India April 19, 2015

There is so much to learn from you.

TS Sandhu Unicef Patna, Bihar, India April 19, 2015

This experiment of learning through creativity is worth praising. If education is perceived as an entertainment and not burden, child develops dedication to school and not hatred. This makes it easy for the educator to inculcate human values in children.

Trinath Mishra (NOBA 1954 - 1960) Director General, Central Industrial Security Force (July 2000 - December 2002) New Delhi April 19, 2015

A great and commendable service to the cause of children. Deserves appreciation and everyone's support who believes in education for life.

SV Sharan, IAS (Retd) April 19, 2015

If the learning is facilitated through thoughtful process - what emerges is an example of `School of Creative Learning'. Here every activity is planned with Specific thought. There is a commendable effort to integrate and balance the folk traditions, culture, science, arts, and modernity. This can not be achieved without hard work of the team. I wish multiplication and replication of such efforts.

Vijaya Chouhan Programme Officer, UNICEF Mumbai April 19, 2015